Welcome, friend and/or family member of Cheryl and/or Jon! Thanks for being cool enough to come visit this site. Hopefully you’ll be cool enough to read the following, and then contribute to our wedding album.

We’re getting married, which is exciting. What we’re not excited about is the expense and hassle of a big wedding. Frankly, we’ve both done it before and since it didn’t seem to make a huge difference (we’re both divorced, after all), we decided to skip the whole “big wedding” thing and just get married.

The thing is, that doesn’t mean we don’t want a wedding album. So in lieu of gifts, we’re asking everyone we know to take some of these awesome photos of ourselves and just Photoshop the hell out of them. It doesn’t even matter what you do. Just take us, and put us somewhere awesome. Did we get married underwater while riding velociraptors? I sure hope so! Was Jon’s best man a unicorn? Why not?! Did we go on our honeymoon to the moon? Anything is possible!

Seriously, anything is possible. Just go nuts. Not good with Photoshop? No problem! Use MS Paint! It seriously doesn’t matter at all. In fact, if you’re just awful with all of this stuff, it doesn’t even matter. Just make a picture anyway, upload it, and we will totally treasure it for always. Even if you literally just use MS Paint to give us clown makeup, nobody cares, it’ll be awesome.

All photos are going to be placed in an actual wedding album that we’ll print out later this year. Next to each photo will be a tiny picture of you, and your name, as well as whatever caption you want to place.

Anyway, check out the FAQ Page for details if you have questions or just dig on the whole FAQ thing.