Frequently Asked Questions (that were never asked at all)

Q: When’s the deadline?!?!

There isn’t technically a deadline, but I’d LIKE to get enough photos in by the end of February to print out a book and have it at the get-togethers we’re having after the wedding on 3/14.

Q: When’s the wedding?

On Pi Day at Pi Hour. So 3/14/15 at 9:26 AM. We aren’t doing a big thing. In fact we might literally just meet people long enough to sign stuff and then just go get breakfast.

Q: Why don’t you want a real wedding?

Real weddings suck. And they’re overdone. Ugh, just everyone does it. Everyone. Who wants to get all dressed up and pay a caterer? Not us. Plus then you’re like “well if we invite so-and-so, we have to invite his wife and she’s just awful and she’ll want to bring her sister and if we don’t invite so-and-so’s parents, they’ll be all insulted and stuff and now we need a bigger venue and they’re all uptight so we can’t have the stripper centerpieces we wanted” and things just escalate from there. Nope, we’d rather just get married quietly but memorialize it epically.

Q: I suck at Photoshop. I guess I can’t make a picture for you.

SHUT UP YES YOU CAN. Also that isn’t a question, imaginary-question-asker. Just do your best. Even if it’s just genuinely awful, we will love it and be thrilled you took the time to send it. Honestly, if we wanted professional looking photographs, we would have held a wedding and hired a wedding photographer.

In fact, if you’re super anxious about using Photoshop or something, download one of those free apps on your phone or tablet that modifies the photo for you. Like the aging/fat/mustache booths. That sort of thing. We aren’t picky.

Q: Can I use MS Paint instead?

Yes. You can use whatever the hell you want. Print the photo out and draw on it yourself, we don’t even care.

Q: Can I use other photos than just the ones on the site?

Why, yes, ambitious friend! You certainly can!

Q: What if I just cut out your faces and pasted them onto someone else’s wedding photo?

That would be funny and I wish someone had actually asked me that instead of me making it up and posting it here. Also feel free to paste our faces onto anything else, especially if the woman is way thinner than me.

Q: Does it have to be funny?

Nope. If you want your photo to be totally serious and look like a pretty, elegant wedding photo, then that’s going right into the album. If you want to make us look morbidly obese while getting married in front of a McDonald’s, that would be hilarious and we’ll take that, too.

Q: How many do I have to make?

Technically none whatsoever. But we’d like at least one photo from everyone, and more if you’re feeling ambitious, overly creative, or generous.

Q: Can I be in the picture too?

Oh yes please. If you want to take photos of yourselves and just stick them in, that would be great.

Q: Do you want wedding photos only or can I do honeymoon/engagement/just because photos?

All of the above. If we get cool photos in different categories, like engagement or honeymoon, then it would be super duper awesome to have sections in our book for that.